Word Power: Elevate Your Writing with 10 High-End Words - Part III


Welcome back to the next part of our series on advanced vocabulary for effective writing. This article explores the subtle meanings of words like repine, adumbrate, and more, providing examples and ideas to help you become a better language learner. In order to help the audience remember the words, a mnemonic device to memorize all of these words will also be offered at the end. This guide will teach you the skills to convey complicated ideas with clarity and style, regardless of your level of experience as a writer or your desire to expand your vocabulary. 

Word Power: Elevate Your Writing with 10 High-End Words - III

List of Words

The following words have been covered in part III:

  1. Subterfuge
  2. Agglomeration
  3. Repine
  4. Adumbrate
  5. Enumerate
  6. Nescience
  7. Braggadocio
  8. Genuflect
  9. Blarney
  10. Afflatus


A subterfuge is a cunning or deceptive trick used to achieve a goal without being straightforward. It often involves hiding one’s true intentions. 

Example: The spy used subterfuge to gain access to classified information by pretending to be a janitor in the government building. 


Agglomeration refers to the process of collecting or clustering things together. It can describe physical objects or abstract concepts. 

Example: The city’s downtown area is an agglomeration of various ethnic restaurants, shops, and cultural centers. 


Repine means to feel discontent, sadness, or longing. It often implies silently bearing one’s suffering

Example: Despite her difficult circumstances, she chose not to repine but instead focused on finding solutions. 


Adumbrate means to outline or give a rough idea of something without going into full detail. It’s like creating a preliminary sketch. 

Example: The professor adumbrated the main points of the upcoming lecture during the class introduction. 


To enumerate is to list items one by one, often in a systematic or orderly manner. 

Example: The teacher asked the students to enumerate the factors contributing to climate change. 


Nescience refers to a lack of knowledge or ignorance about a particular subject. 

Example: His nescience regarding basic computer programming hindered his ability to troubleshoot technical issues. 


Braggadocio describes boastful behavior, where someone excessively praises themselves or exaggerates their achievements. 

Example: His constant braggadocio about his wealth and accomplishments annoyed his colleagues. 


Genuflecting involves briefly bending one knee as a sign of respect or reverence, especially in religious contexts. 

Example: As a mark of devotion, she genuflected before the altar in the church. 


Blarney refers to flattering or smooth-talking language meant to deceive or manipulate. 

Example: The politician’s blarney during the campaign convinced many voters, but some remained skeptical. 


Afflatus is a sudden burst of inspiration or creative energy, often attributed to divine influence. 

Example: The artist felt an afflatus and painted a masterpiece in a single night. 

Mnemonic Technique

By visualizing the following story and the events within it, you can recall each word by its place and role in the narrative. 

"In a small town, there was a man named Jack known for his braggadocio. He boasted about his wealth, but it was all a subterfuge. In reality, he lived in a modest house and struggled to make ends meet. One day, Jack found a book that promised afflatus, or divine inspiration. He learned about the dangers of nescience, or ignorance, and realized his braggadocio had led him to a state of nescience. This made him repine, or feel deep regret, for his past actions. The book adumbrated, or hinted at, a path to success through hard work. Jack decided to enumerate, or list, his strengths and weaknesses to make a plan. He stopped the subterfuge and agglomeration, or accumulation, of false claims, and instead of relying on blarney, or deceptive talk, he focused on genuine efforts, leading to success. Jack also began to genuflect, or show respect, to those who had helped him along the way."

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