Word Power: Elevate Your Writing with 10 High-End Words - Part II


Welcome to our latest installment in the series focused on advanced vocabulary for effective writing. This article delves into the nuanced meanings of words such as weltanschauung, consanguineous, and more, offering insights and examples to enhance your linguistic prowess. Furthermore, a mnemonic technique to memorize all these words will also be provided in the end so that the audience can retain words easily. Whether you are a seasoned writer looking to refine your style or a curious learner aiming to broaden your lexical horizon, this guide will provide you with the tools to express complex ideas with precision and flair.

Word Power: Elevate Your Writing with 10 High-End Words - Part II

List of Words

The following words are covered in this article:

  1. Weltanschauung
  2. Regalia
  3. Consanguineous
  4. Jejune
  5. Disport
  6. Traverse
  7. Acumen
  8. Soubriquet
  9. Stygian
  10. Numinous


This term, which comes from the German word "Welt" (world) and "Anschauung" (view), refers to a comprehensive philosophy of life or worldview. It captures the attitudes, values, and beliefs that mold a person's or group's worldview

Example: Her company's dedication to sustainability and community involvement was clear evidence of the entrepreneur's weltanschauung.


Regalia refers to the emblems or insignia of royalty or high office, often used in formal ceremonies. This comprises ceremonial robes, scepters, and crowns. 

Example: The king donned his regalia for the coronation, the crown and scepter symbolizing his authority.


This adjective, which has Latin origins, characterizes a relationship based on blood or common heritage. It is frequently discussed in relation to heredity and family. 

Example: The study focused on the health outcomes of children from consanguineous marriages.


This word has multiple meanings, including naive, simplistic, or lacking in substance. It can also be used to describe anything that is unsatisfying or unnourishing

Example: The critics dismissed the novel as jejune, lacking the depth and complexity of the author's earlier works.


Disporting is the act of having fun in a lighthearted or carefree manner. It has to do with entertainment and leisure

Example: On the sunny beach, vacationers disported themselves, playing games and swimming in the sea.


To traverse is to move or go through a region. It can also be used to describe something that rests upon or crosses over another object. 

Example: The hikers intended to travel the mountain range over a few days, enjoying the amazing views.


Acumen is the capacity to decide and judge quickly and accurately, especially in a business setting. It has to do with insight and mental acuity

Example: Her acumen in identifying market trends has made her a respected leader in the industry.


A soubriquet is a nickname or whimsical term that someone has been given. It's frequently employed to draw attention to a quality or feature

Example: The boxer earned the soubriquet 'The Hammer' for his powerful punches.


Stygian is a term for something that is very dark or gloomy; it is sometimes used to indicate something that is intimidatingly dark

Example: We dared not venture further without a light source due to the unsettling depths of the cave.


This adjective describes something that feels spiritual or supernatural, often invoking a sense of the divine or the mysterious

Example: The ancient forest had a numinous quality, as if it were alive with unseen spirits.  

Mnemonic Technique

By visualizing the following story and the events within it, you can recall each word by its place and role in the narrative.

"In a realm where the weltanschauung was that every person’s destiny was written in the stars, there was a grand ceremony where the king would don his regalia and reveal the paths of his people. Among the attendees were consanguineous families, showcasing their shared heritage and strong familial bonds.

During the festivities, a jejune jester attempted to entertain the crowd, but his acts were too simplistic to amuse the sophisticated audience. Meanwhile, children would disport themselves in the gardens, playing hide and seek among the statues and fountains.

A traveler, known for his acumen in navigating both business and wild terrains, decided to traverse the kingdom to reach the ceremony. Along the way, he earned the soubriquet ‘The Wise Wanderer’ for his clever insights and helpful nature.

As night fell, the celebration continued under a stygian sky, lit only by the twinkling stars and the soft glow of lanterns. It was then that the people felt a numinous presence, as if the very air they breathed was charged with magic and mystery." 

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